Soup of the Day
Prepared fresh daily and served piping hot


Baked Onion Soup
A traditional hearty soup with an abundance of onions topped with croutons, melted mozzarella and parmesan cheese


Meat Lover’s Chili
Hearty homestyle chili topped with marble cheese and jalapenos served with warm garlic bread


Buffalo Chicken
Boneless crispy chicken pieces tossed in our house buffalo butter or honey garlic sauce served with carrots, celery and buttermilk ranch dip


Lightly seasoned and crispy fried served with tzatziki sauce


Spicy Cheese Triangles
Toasted garlic bread topped with marinara sauce, chopped jalapenos and melted marble cheese


Crispy Shrimp
Lightly seasoned and crispy fried served with a sweet chili sauce


Potato Boats
Crispy potato skins loaded with melted marble cheese, bacon and scallions served with sour cream


Sweet Potato Fries
Extra long fancy fries made from sweet potatoes. Sweet and fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside served with a chipotle mayo dip


Pulled Pork Sliders
Three mini buns filled with pulled pork sautéed in a chipotle sauce topped with Korean BBQ sauce and creamy coleslaw


Spinach, Cheese & Bacon Dip
A hot creamy blend of cheese, spinach and artichoke topped with bacon served with grilled pita bread


Kettle Cooked Potato Chips
Thinly sliced potato chips, kettle cooked and seasoned, served warm with roasted garlic aioli, chipotle mayo and buttermilk dill ranch for dipping


Fox Battered Onion Rings


Traditional Pub Chips